The Hitchhiker

He who waits for a taxi in rural South Africa can wait a long, long time

Composite image of a hitchhiker across the street. Added are two sculptures of local artist Uhlrich Riek (right) and the ‘astronaut’ in the rocket is recycle artist Jan Vingerhoets. The rocket I assembled of different parts of scrap metal which Herman pictured in and around his workshop.
Limited edition run of 50 prints each size only
Prints are produced using Giclée FineArt process to retain tonality and hue on archival paper that ensures longevity on HahnemühlePhoto Rag 308 gsm paper.


To accompany our Giclée print we provide you with a signed and numbered Certificate of Authenticity from the Fine Art Trade Guild’s ArtSure service.

You can purchase this print online via

  • Emma Cownie

    Wonderful. Are you doing this to check I’m looking at your photos properly, or does Putin have a big influence in SA too?

    • Herman van Bon Photography

      😀 😀 :d It’s NOT Puting is the space vessel but recycle Artist and friend Jan Vingerhoets. The space vessel was digitally assembled from scrap parts in the dump behind his workshop. It’s nr. 10 out of a series of 10. Jan was so proud and so much bragging about the other 9 that I made his nose a bit longer. I will tell him that there is this artist from Wales who (mis)took him for Putin. He’ll probably love it. And yes I’m now also online in the UK next to The Netherlands (other European countries will follow in 2019)

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