Black Headed Heron

Ardea melancephela. In Afrikaans known as ‘Swartkopreier’.

  • Adrian Lewis

    Hate to tell you this, Herman, but that’s a Black-headed Heron …

    • Herman van Bon Photography

      YEP; you are right! Oops… So many Blue Cranes here and then you see (on first sight) one flying by… Didn’t have a good look. Will change it now…

      • Adrian Lewis

        It happens to us all!!!! 🙂

      • Herman van Bon Photography

        Thank you Adrian. Also good to know for you that there are several birding books published with birds that occur in Southern Africa. Sometimes they are contradicting each other or have quite a few errors. Sometimes one doesn’t know what to believe anymore. The Blue Crane for example is thus known under 3 different taxonomy names. The same is the case with plant names .etc. etc. 😉

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