The Africander

The Africander is a native South African breed. It belongs to the Sanga type and is used primarily for meat production. The breed is usually red with long lateral horns. Sanga cattle, in huge herds, were owned by the Hottentots when the Dutch established the Cape Colony in 1652. The animals were obtained by the colonists who improved them for use as draft animals. It was Africander oxen that drew the wagons which carried Boer farmers and families on the Great Trek of 1835 – 36 from the Cape of Good Hope to the Orange Free State, Natal and the Transvaal to escape British rule. The word trek is originally Afrikaans, meaning draft. Farming descendants of the Dutch colonists named this breed ‘Afrikaner’. These photos are made in Napier, South Africa.

Author: Herman van Bon Photography

" I like to explore the possibilities and limits of digital art, I just let it flow to see where it can go, sometimes the end result appears quickly, sometimes the creative process takes months and other times  the creation dies in its own beauty". 

12 thoughts on “The Africander”

      1. I never understood why people changed names, until I listened to a programme on transliteration yesterday, on Afrikaans radio. That practice still doesn’t sit well with me, as words have meaning, and when the meaning changes, all is lost. When Yeshua became Jesus, it caused damage to people of the Middle East, for instance.

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      2. Do you know of the Hugenoot breed, these were bred from Afrikaner and Charolais cattle. I saw them near Steenbokpan, almost on the border with Botswana. They are huge, take a very wide lens and a MF camera, FF too small 😁📷

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