The Chameleon went to the Photoshop

Sometime ago I submitted a picture of a very shy ‘Bloukopmannetjie’ (Afrikaans name for this ‘Blue Head’ chameleon). Early this morning I photoshopped a bit with this little guy. He is now exploring the beach.

From profession to hobby

Between April 2000 and July 2011 me and Yvonne owned Soekershof in Robertson. We restored and extended this historical botanical garden (with the oldest cactus -Anno 1910- of South Africa) and ended up with one of the world’s largest outdoor collections (>2600 species/subspecies/varieties/etc) of succulent plants including cacti. The garden was globally recognized in botanical/horticultural …

Between beach and lagoon

Rain or shine; there are always people wandering and wondering around and between Grotto Beach and Stanford Lagoon in South Africa. The last of the selected pictures I made last Sunday (see also the 5 previous postings).

The little bird


Portrait of the little bird in the dunes between Grotto Beach and the Stanford Lagoon.

The Seagull

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Misty beach

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Picture people in the mist is something I haven’t done before so there was my change/challenge last Sunday. No photoshop involved except a bit of cropping and the copyright notice.

Just some shots along the lagoon

I can’t tell enough how privileged we are to live in Stanford (“Best Village Destination in South Africa”; for all who dare to discover the real South Africa beyond Cape Town). One of the ‘attractions’ nearby is the lagoon which is not only a bird lovers paradise but also a place to consider by travelers …


Photographing toes is a subject with endless possibilities. There is even a blog dedicated to toe pictures and this blog inspired me last Sunday to picture a few toes moving around along the Grotto Beach in nearby Hermanus, Western Cape, South Africa. The first toe subject is that of the “Beach Boys” (life guards) and …

Horses in the mist

It rarely happens that I go out without my camera to take pictures where-ever I go (except shopping and parties). Yesterday we were at the Grotto Beach in Hermanus (near our village in South Africa) and I shot some images in the mist. The next days you’ll see more pictures I took during this hike …

Gone missing

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During the fire last week our bird feeder went missing while the helicopters flew over. Just a thought: