A few loose ends

I just figured out that I delete about 9 out of 10 pictures while they are still in the camera and once filed on the hard disk I delete about half of the ‘chosen ones’. And still I am in doubt about the ‘left-overs’. That also applies for the photoshopped elements (“imaginaries” as I call …

Rits and the ‘Tibetan Pitbull’

November 1997 is a memorable month and my back still aches by the thought of it. We went for a short break-away to Shri Lanka and on the way back to the airport in Colombo Yvonne saw a life-size wooden dog in a shop window and once she set her mind on something it becomes …

Three essentials for life

Water, fire and light are three essentials for  life. But what about perspective? That’s what photoshop did…..

The Kitchen

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The kitchen is not only the place where food is prepared and consumed but also the space where ideas are born and shaped into a concept. Yes; we keep on stirring!

The hidden waterfall

The hike (approx. 5 km) took a few hours and we had to climb and descent rocks, walk through a fern forest and follow a stream but the reward was amazing and refreshing: the hidden waterfall of Stanford, South Africa and only the very, very privileged know about it. Not that we are that ‘very, …


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As seen from our house yesterday evening:

Off the beaten track

No photoshopping with this picture although I’ve used elements of it in several ‘imaginaries’. This is South Africa off-the-beaten-track or to be more specific; the Papiesvlei Road near Stanford in the Overberg region in the Western Cape. If you follow this road you’ll see somewhere in nowhere a traffic light (“Robot” in South African English). …

We love South Africa

Don’t you?                                                                 This poster will be used for promotion purposes abroad

Whale Watching

Hermanus in the Western Cape, South Africa attracts many tourists for whale watching. Even in season (June-December) it can happen that there are days that you hardly see any and other days it’s a joyful sight seeing them play as far as the eye reaches. Yesterday, virtually the end of season, they were very quiet …

Split personality

Sometimes I hear people tell me that “… you say what you think” and with that telling me not to believe one word of their stories. Thinking, saying and doing are three different entities in our existence and getting to know each other and building up true lasting friendships has everything to do with the …