Miniature landscapes in a small garden 1

We only have a small garden plus a lawn with a border for our dog. The succulent garden (4 patches) measures about 80 square meters and is home to around 600 different registered species. Some of the plants are naturally multiplying (always a healthy sign for a garden)  and of some we take cuttings which we plant nearby the parent plant. In total, wild guess;  probably around 1000-1100 plants of this surface. Within the garden we try to create miniature landscapes sometimes hidden between rocks or bigger plants and sometimes part of a bigger patch with more spheres. Why not share a selection of 8 different ones?


Fan Aloe

Or Aloe plicatillis originates from the fynbos area between Franschhoek and Stellenbosch in South Africa and is naturally distributed throughout simular environments in the Western Cape. Unnaturally it also ended up in our garden…