Rits and the ‘Tibetan Pitbull’


November 1997 is a memorable month and my back still aches by the thought of it. We went for a short break-away to Shri Lanka and on the way back to the airport in Colombo Yvonne saw a life-size wooden dog in a shop window and once she set her mind on something it becomes a mission and this time I was the one who had to carry it all. The shop did not have credit card facilities and the banks nearby were out of money so I had to go downtown (luckily with the husband of the shop owner as a guide) through a busy maze of (side-)roads to find a bank with money in stock. Ever participated actively in the traffic in Colombo? Well I can assure you that this is very stressful especially when you are pressed to be on time at the airport as well… But the worst had yet to come; I also had to carry the dog all the way from the car rentals on the airport in Colombo and from the customs on Amsterdam airport to the car parking and guess who parked the car there and forgot all about where….???… But that is history except for my back.

I never carried that dog; not even with our removals to and within South Africa. Until this morning for a photo session.

All the pictures were taken within 10 meters from the corner in the living room where our ‘Tibetan Pitbull’, as I disrespectful named this sculpture since my miserable experience, resides. The featured B&W is photoshopped.

And of course I had to make a portrait together with Rits; our lively lab who feels a bit alone since his sister Roets went to the ‘eternal sniffle fields’ a few weeks ago. It went all very well as Yvonne co-operated in the carrying this time …..


The hidden waterfall


The hike (approx. 5 km) took a few hours and we had to climb and descent rocks, walk through a fern forest and follow a stream but the reward was amazing and refreshing: the hidden waterfall of Stanford, South Africa and only the very, very privileged know about it. Not that we are that ‘very, very privileged’ but our friends are and they have, after 16 years Stanford, obtained the key for the gate. A  paradise for whoever want to take photographs of waterfalls and streaming water; frogs and other creatures, fynbos and other precious plants. Well we guess that the Garden of Eden must have looked alike. Our time was limited this Sunday morning for there were also lunch arrangements but we definitely will return for a day or longer to picture it all.


Off the beaten track

No photoshopping with this picture although I’ve used elements of it in several ‘imaginaries’. This is South Africa off-the-beaten-track or to be more specific; the Papiesvlei Road near Stanford in the Overberg region in the Western Cape. If you follow this road you’ll see somewhere in nowhere a traffic light (“Robot” in South African English). If it’s red keep on driving and if it’s green the restaurant is open and Henny (the local BBQ-specialist) will make you a delicious Farmers Dish with a real good Steak in the way you like it! And for a price that’s almost pre-historic…. Most tourists behave like sheep and packed in comfortable ‘cattle-buses’ only see (not ‘experience’) the known tourist traps. The few more adventurous travelers see and feel the true inner beauty of whatever country of region they explore. Going ‘nowhere slowly’  is most of the time cheaper  as well…