King 1


Mist in ‘The Ruens’ 2 (3 pictures)

‘The Ruens is the name for the rolling hills between Napier Mountain and the Riviersonderend Mountains in the Overberg region in the Western Cape, South Africa.

Mist in ‘The Ruens’ (2 pictures)

Somewhere in ‘The Ruens’ (2 pictures)

With African Feet to ‘Contemporary Art Africa’

From August 9 to October 10 my ‘African Feet’ (and more) on display during the exhibition ‘Contemporary Art Africa’ in Ihlienworth (Cuxhaven) Germany

weekend landscape 6


Last weekend South Africa’s top-of-the-pop-attraction had two performances in our village. An impression in B&W The name of the group is ‘Akkedis’. That means ‘Gecko’ and there are many of these around…

On the road to Klipdale

Ever heard of Klipdale? Don’t go there! It’s too beautiful.

The Cheetah Run 2

(revisited with added textures and toning)