Sometimes it’s all about having the Guts

At 8:00 AM this morning in our garden. Breakfast  in slow pace.


Some pictures I recently shot of flowering orchids in the collection of a friend.

La Pintade …

… is French for Guinea-flowl. This one is a special (light colored) breed and we met her on a farm near Barrydale in the Western Cape, South Africa.

The past desintegrating

Peaches on their way

In a few months we harvest (if any left by the birds…)

Black and White in the Winter Garden

The Rainbow Nation Cactus

At last; after years of trial and error, hard labor, blablabla (etc.), I succeeded in breeding a new imaginary cactus specie. May I proudly present the first Rainbow Nation Cactus ever. I named it Ferocactus Mandela.


After days of continuous rain even the drainage channels in the garden are saturated. Luckily the garden itself is elevated!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

One lemon a day …..

Canola fields all over

The Overberg area in the Western Cape, South Africa, is one of the ‘food baskets’ on which Cape Town survives. It’s also known as one of the main national suppliers of Canola. This is the time of the year that you see flowering canolas. Just a few shots while on the road.