Portrait: Ms Madisa

Breakfast on the farm.

Landscape, yesterday somewhere in the Western Cape, South Africa

In Disgrace ….

(added some texture but don’t think that was a good idea 😉 )

The Horse Show (8 pictures)

Yesterday I had a leisurely day at the Village Green watching the local horse show. In between chatting with villagers I took some shots.


Going nowhere but to nature

The knowledge cycle

Amazing; reading 200 yr old books (Maison Rustique from France & ‘Mechanische Technologie’ -[Mechanical Technology]- from Holland) and realising that basic principles haven’t changed. Even that people are ‘re-inventing the wheel’. Maison Rustique for example describes in detail how to grow (organically) veggies and how to process them including distilling essences from herbs, etc.; knowledge …


The Honey Sucker 2

The Honey Sucker 1