Objects can be pictured from different angles and processed with different outcomes. Here is what I did with my glasses. Just experimenting.

Queen of the Night

(Queen of the Day too)

Les Yeux du Ciel

Recently I posted La Mer, La Cote et Le Ciel and these pictures inspired me to create this imaginary. The title ‘Les Yeux du Ciel’ has a double meaning: ‘The Eyes of the Sky’ and ‘The Eyes of Heaven’. Anyway I am watching you!


One of the worlds famous tourism attractions, Table Mountain, is for sale. Businessman Friedel Sauer of Stanford Upholstery in Stanford has transformed Table Mountain into one of his creations and is convinced that there are people in Cape Town who surely want to acquire his ‘Piece d’Ameublement Artistique’.

The choice is mine: A bath inside or a shower outside?

The cutting edge technology of a mirror

Just a look in a mirror with whetted and polished edge in a gradient. No photoshop tricks but I turned the original picture upside down for the effect.

Solar reflection

“Who is the artist who painted these”? asked the neighbor. “No, it’s just a few photos”, I replied

Dhunga Earthworks Jewelry ‘Made in Stanford’

This is just a first trial; more Trial & Error to follow. Yvonne developed a way of binding earth particles in a natural environmental way. Combined with Sterling Silver and Swarovsky gems Yvonne creates jewelry under the ‘brand’ Dhunga Earthworks. And it’s selling (wholesale and retail via The Little Gem in Hermanus). Dhunga is Nepalese …

Peruvian Mask 2

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Sometime ago I did this image subject from the top in color. Now from a different angle in B&W and HDR-toning

Exercise in Black & White and in between in South Africa