A ‘Coddiwompler’ is a person who travels with a goal to an unknown (vague) destination. Metaphor art work by Yvonne de Wit; recently exhibited during the Tulbagh Arts Festival and soon during the Baardskeerdersbos Art Route and the Greyton Art Walk.

The frog and the crocodile

Sculptures of Bradley Fynn from Worcester, South Africa

Haiku River

“A summer river being crossedhow pleasingwith sandals in my hands!” by: Yosa Buson (1716-1784)

SUNDAY SPECIAL: Drakenstein (Dragon’s Lair)

Dragons and eagles play an important role in myths from around the globe. Myths are, basically, about ‘good’ and ‘evil’. In the Venda culture in Southern Africa, for example, eagles represent the ‘good’ in narratives and ‘snake like monsters’ (dragons alike) the ‘evil’. For this photo-graphic imaginary I used elements from Norwegian mythology (Norske Miögatör), …

In Tulbagh

Some of the photographs I will exhibit in the Town Hall in Tulbagh during Tulbagh Arts Festival 27-29 September. A3 size printed In small series on 300 gsm paper and for only R 350.00 each. You can also order directly from me.

Urbex (photo-graphics)

At the Tulbagh Arts Festival

Nice announcement with my ‘African Feet’ in a national lifestyle magazine.

In the streets of Napier

Experimental landscapes