The Accordeonist

And slowly we move into a new year.

Heartbeat of Africa

Photo-model: Abigail Camille

The Hitchhiker

He who waits for a taxi in rural South Africa can wait a long, long time Composite image of a hitchhiker across the street. Added are two sculptures of local artist Uhlrich Riek (right) and the ‘astronaut’ in the rocket is recycle artist Jan Vingerhoets. The rocket I assembled of different parts of scrap metal which Herman pictured in and around his workshop.Limited edition run of …

Waterside overlay

Online sales

Online sales country-wise

What’s in a name?

Afrikaners call it a ‘Skoenlapper’ but I’ve never seen a ‘Vlinder’ (=Dutch) repairing a shoe. The English name it ‘Butterfly’. Have you ever seen one on butter?

Photo-Graphic of a Starling on the roof

Photo-Graphic of a Starling on a roof

Photo-Graphic of a bird on a pole

Abstract 3

Abstract; shadows in the water

Abstract 2

abstract; reflection in a window