THE Interview

Interview in GIGARTE (by previous Prado Madrid photography curator Georgeta Negraru) It’s a rare occasion that I exhibits in galleries and art events BUT the Tulbagh Arts Festival and the Greyton Art Walk two of those exceptions. You will find me in the Town Hall 27-29 September in Tulbagh and in the weekend of 15 …

In the streets of Franschhoek

(model shoot with Benitah Mhlanga)


Made of stones and twigs for installation at the Tulbagh Arts Festival 27-29 September. My wife’s work!!!

‘Disco in the Courtyard’

Composite with Blue Cranes dancing. Textures and local toning added.

Detail of a fountain

Cape Robin

Cape Robin (Cossypha caffra) in morning light.

Catching Light in Darkness 16

Catching Light in Darkness 15

Catching Light in Darkness 14

Catching Light in Darkness 13