Freehand panning shot early in the morning. Canon EOS 7D Mark II with Canon 100-400mm USM IS zoom on 400mm; ISO 400 S 1/30 and F 8 The image stabiliser works.  


… the photographer.

Camera Obscura (2 pictures) in Genadendal Mission Museum

My second trial and error pictures with new camera and lenses

See previous posting. Now only with the macro lens. Still have to figure out settings. Canon is not as users friendly as Sony but also has certain great advantages. BUT I’m getting there.

The change (what do you think?)

5 Years ago I bought a Sony A77 with some A-mount lenses. I love to work with this camera; it’s very ergonomic and, once all settings in place, a great camera to work with. Unfortunately Sony withdrew itself from the South African market and ‘rules’ the African continent now from Dubai with offices in Botswana …

The cellphone photographer 2

A collector’s Dream

Most probably by far the largest (private) collection of curiosity and antiques in the Overberg region in the Western Cape, South Africa, can be found in some barns in the ‘outback’ of Napier. Skilled craftsman Mike Pope has been collecting the items during his entire life.   When visiting him he apologizes himself for the …

The different colors of one sunrise Part 5

Monday 31 July 2017 I did a Golden Hour drive around the village. Within half an hour so many variations on colors … , partly also because of the angle or the camera.

The different colors of one sunrise Part 3

Looking into the camera is like looking into the sunshine of my life

(2 pictures)