On the Road

Zandvliet and Wetshof

De Wetshof and Zandvliet are a few of the wine houses worthwhile for the connaisseur to visit in the Robertson Wine Valley (others are Fraai Uitzicht 1798, Graham Beck and Springfield).

Equestrian Aristocrat

Luthier Extraordinaire

Maira Barragán from La Problaciôn (Cordoba) in Argentinia is a gifted person. She builds (and plays) the cuatro ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cuatro_(instrument) ). Not just ordinary ones but as a real ‘Luthier’ she creates cuatros with wood and silver inlays (the last probably inspired by her jewellery making father). Maira is visiting the place I live in …

Floral art

(photo-graphics, composite)

Those were the days


Oh deer

(photo-graphic, composite)

A bit of local wildlife

Pride of the Overberg

Blue Cranes