Abandoned property


Every time I shoot a picture I confirm history. This was 60 minutes ago and this history does not repeat itself.

Don’t leaf me

I love my garden

The garden-lover’s chair. This one is dedicated to a special gardener in Belgium whose husband has another hobby…


4 Pictures.


Not always easy to picture guinea-pigs; especially the free range ones. The first one was rather curious and sweeping his nose in front of the lens (16mm wide angle) and the second one just came back from a truffle (?) hunt in the mud. (See also yesterday’s posting).  

Another one of those ….

Free Rangers

At the Good Luck Farm just outside our village one can imagine true free range livestock; from chickens and ducks to guinea-pigs. The ‘farm products’ end up on your plate in a local restaurant but than we know it’s good!

African potato in flower

The bulb of the ‘African potato’ is one of the three main ingredients traditional healers in Southern Africa use in their medicin recipes. Even a des-integrating flower has its charm!

The fabulous one …

Good Morning! I am the fabulous Euphorbia Caput Meduseae and now is the time to flower. BTW I originate from Table Mountain and surrounds.