After rain comes sunshine

Need a hand?

A bit of Marocco in South Africa

A play with light 2: first modifications

Pumping water

This Buddha is on drugs …

(Cannabis plant and San Pedro Cactus)

These wheels once brought fortune

A play with light 1: the pictures

With the first 3 pictures I’m going to play a bit in Photoshop. Keep following this blog and see for yourself.

Le paysage de notre village

(Landscape of our village)

Greetings from an extraordinary pre-primary school

The children are not as shy as head-mistress Nonkosinathi┬áto pose in front of the camera and yet, sitting on a swing, she feels like one of her ‘students’. Funimfundo (Xhosa for ‘Seeking Knowledge’) is an extra-ordinary pre-primary school in the informal settlement Die Kop just outside our village. The school is privately funded via the …