New Life in the village

Mother and Daughter are fine. Thanks.

Good Morning

Don’t say that we are not spoiled with beautiful sunrises!!! (Thanks) 🙂

Smile is an art (-piece)

Somewhere in Nowhere at the entrance of one of the houses in the Blue Moon community near our village.

For all who love flowers …

…. a flowering Adenium arabicum (origin: East Africa) in our garden  

Hey Old Man ….

…. Those berries are not edible Cephalocereus senilis and Cyphostemma jutteae

Between Black and White

Some people see things in black and white but there is so much more in between…. (3 pictures)    

Dormancy in Black & White and everything in between

After every sundowner comes a sunriser; dedicated to Shari Pienaar

I posted quite a few sunsets in and around our village recently. Today a picture of a sunrise somewhere in our street; made during my daily early morning doggy walk. This metamorphoto is dedicated to Sharika Pienaar whose pictures tell a story of her own ‘Life without regrets‘. Although never met in person she is …

A moving Piece of Art. OK 3 pieces for now

What a lazy day! Sitting on the verandah reading a book and every now and than picturing clouds. The sky is a moving piece of art.  

Duck shooting in Stanford, South Africa

I love Japanese paintings and prints and should like to have an original at home. This morning, before the rain turned loose, I had my doggy walk with camera in hand and came across a bunch of ducks having their Sunday morning nap on some branches sticking out of the water. While processing the pictures …