Always drive slowly in the country

Sometimes I notice holiday makers rushing from one place to the other. They miss a lot and are sometimes even a danger for all that’s alive. Maybe it’s my age, I don’t know, but I drive in rural pace in the country side and enjoy. There are always surprises like earlier this week. Live and let live!


Out of South Africa 10: Cannabis

Last year we went on a 4-week journey to Europe and Canada. It was for the first time since more than 11 years that we had a holiday ‘out of (South) Africa. We mainly visited family and friends but in between we took time to travel around a bit. With my Sony Cybershot 7.2 I shot a few thousand low resolution pictures (average 100 kB each) so don’t expect much high quality. For this serie of 10 I selected about 30 pics.

Today’s image is that of a shop window in Amsterdam. Cannabis products in abundance. Thanks to the coffee shops the soft drug trade in Holland is very much under control and out of the criminal circuit.


At the cheese farm

Yvonne and I are not fond of mass-produced supermarket cheese with a rubber taste. Luckily there is a farm just outside the village where we can buy cheese with a real character. We buy in bulk, a few kilo every visit, and that makes it price-wise competitive with the known supermarket brands. But there is more to our local Klein Rivier Cheese Farm. Visitors are welcome to take the family with them and it is fun, especially for the ones from the city who think that cheese comes from the supermarket….

There is a beautiful picnic area, a play ground and some paddocks with domestic ‘wild’ such as goose, sheep, duck, turkey, Shetland ponies, goats and bokkies. On the gravel road to the farm you can also watch their free range milk producers. It’s educational in a way and above all fun. The cheese is a bonus!.