“I am a Sacred Cow Don’t ask me when, if, wether, who, when, why, or how” Niels Olsen

‘Taking’ or ‘making’ a photo

Review by Kappuccetto Rosso

This just made my day: “Herman Van Bon is a fine art photographer originally from Netherlands that currently lives in Napier, South Africa. He covers topics from landscapes to portraits and has an exquisite eye for detail that makes his photographs transcend the immediate exploring metaphors of ancestral worlds.  His creation is joining the earthly …

A few morning landscapes

Haiku Duck

Lazy Sunday The worker celebrates his rest Watching a duck flying by


Ripening lemon waving peacefully in the wind


Wind playing no use for the broom sweeping the courtyard

Haiku Dance

Blue Cranes dance to tunes Of gently moving wings In mild wind

Haiku Sunrise

Clouds lit from beneath Here comes the Sun Lifestream of the Earth.

Soon on display …

… in our own Private Gallery together with many other images. From May/June onwards some of these  (if still available) and others from my collection will also be exhibited in several art galleries throughout South Africa. The official opening (for invitees only) is scheduled for the first weekend of April. The gallery is open on appointment. Contact …