A cultural evening

The neighbour asked us if we were interested in the performance of her grandson at the cultural evening of the Montessori School in nearby Hermanus. Why not? Nice neighbours and out in the country side we can use some ‘culture’… So we went yesterday evening … I must admit that I wasn’t all that enthusiastic …

Two versions of the same duck


Optical Illusions 7: Clockwork Orange

Last 27 May I published the ‘last’ (“… for the time being…”) of the series Optical Illusions. The different items did not get that many likes but were re-blogged, tweeted and ‘facebooked’ all over. Reason enough to continue this series. Isn’t every picture we see an optical illusion?    

Candid Portraits 50: The domestic worker

Last night’s Sunset

Detail of a cactus

Light Abstract


Candid Portraits 49: The Morning Walk

‘Air Duck’ has landed