Candid Portraits 62: The Three Musketeers

Dedicated to ….

all those speeding car drivers from Cape Town. (detail of sculpture in garden, Mount Nelson Hotel in Cape Town)  

Sea Mist in Black & White

Just a few flowers in our garden

Optical Illusions 19: Short Market Street in Stanford will never be the same again

Candid Portraits 61: Smile

The White Breasted is back in the village

Some B&W’s and one f/c or the White Breasted Cormorant. Local ‘birdy’  Lin Morris (THANK YOU) wrote the caption: “It is White Breasted Cormorant. They usually spend the day at the sea, or Maanschynbaai lagoon, and come back to Willem Appel Dam in Stanford to wash the saltwater off and dry their wings int the trees, and …

Solar Power


My first light box

Since I’m asked to photograph jewellery for commercial purposes I have to invest in a light box and other equipment. But first let me experiment with a homemade light-box and as soon as I have some experience with it I can always buy a professional made one but than I know what I want. Maybe a …