Door and Windows

(Abstracts of details)

Ghost Reader 1 to 5

Five versions of ‘The Ghost Reader’. I’m very much in doubt which one to choose for further processing. Maybe one of you can help me out. (Thanks)

Dikkop (Burhinus vermiculatus)

Not me

Speechless Thursday Morning

My Car

In South Africa there is this unreal TV-commercial of a Toyota going off-beat, jumping over rocks and sliding through the mud. And the vehicle stays clean. Well this is my car; unwashed and unwaxed after a few kilometers on the dirt road.

And again: Arum Lily

Two of the same: (well … sometimes it’s difficult to make a choice)

New York, New York! Here I AM!!!

Just got this confirmation from my US-agent: …. “Congrats! Your work is going to be shown on one of the biggest billboards in Times Square as part of a massive animated collage on Thursday, July 24th, at 8pm!”  …. New York, New York! Here I AM. 

Te diep in het glaasje gekeken

(Dutch expression for people who drunk a bit too much spirituals… 😉 ) Abstract.

Today’s Garden view in Black and White