Optical illusion 3

(fast moving morning sky)

Candid Portraits 25: One more please

Bric à Brac in THE Book Shop

Some photo’s I made at Hemingway’s in Hermanus. You might ask yourself if this is a book shop or a museum? It’s described as one of the ‘must visit spots’ in the new Louis Vuitton City Guide of Cape Town. Funny enough Hermanus is NOT in Cape Town but 120 odd kilometers East of the Mother …

Good Sunday Morning

Optical Illusion 2

Candid Portrait 24: May I?


Soul Food

One of the posters I made for Hemingway’s in Hermanus, South Africa; a bookshop with a rare collection of books and decorated with bric-and-brac.

Optical Illusion

Candid Portrait 23: In deep thought