Night in Mossel Bay

Water Management

A local artist made some incredible water features in Knysna, South Africa. This is just one of them.

Sea mist moving into Knysna


Two Marabou Storks and a turtle (picture shot at private property near Plettenberg Bay in South Africa)

Colourful antique ceramic

Canopy Walk

With plenty of blahblah .. blah KirstenBosch Botanical Garden in Cape Town is promoting the new Canopy Walk. Their budget is unlimited and whatever financial loss they make the South African government is paying the bills. The trees at Kirstenbosch (still a beautiful garden in its own right!) are relatively young and, partly, plantation trees. …

Just water

Abstract (at the beach in Mossel Bay, South Africa)

Chilling Cheetah in the wild

Some, in fact most, tourists visit a sanctuary, a game reserveĀ of a zoo to see animals. That’s the safe way. I rather see them in a natural environment. But than one must be lucky to see any because most of the ‘wild’ animals are shy unless you enter their territory or protecting their young ones …

Black and White with shades of Grey

Rocket Science in the South African Outback

(church Albertinia)