Pride of Robertson: Fraai Uitzicht 1798

One of the oldest working wineries in the Western Cape, South Africa is Fraai Uitzicht 1798. It’s still making wine the traditional way with the original fermentation bassins. The winery is also known for it’s exquisite restaurant and beautiful old gardens. Plus 5 stars for restaurant and guest accommodation.

An impression:

Peyote flower

In 1996 I was for business in Texas. And I loved it!!! Being in a relative conservative part of the Americas I was amazed by the number of peyote cacti on the window sills. I was wondering if the owners knew that the peyote contains mescaline (a drug causing hallucinations) and that the peyote is used by shamans; traditional only the shaman may use it to ‘enhance his visionary talents’.

Anyway I collected some seeds and here you see a 26 year old peyote making a flower.

Portrait of an escape artist.

Officially there are no cheetahs roaming around ‘free range’ in the Eastern Cape; unofficially it is estimated that a few hundred are in the wild. They are regarded as escape artists by owners/staff of game reserves and sanctuaries. Sometime ago I bumped into some ‘escape artists’ near Nature’s Valley (Tsitsikama National Park) in the Eastern Cape. That’s where I took this close up portrait. (Canon 135mm).

Isn’t she a beauty?