Showing of some colors ….

….. after this morning’s heavenly shower (2 pics)


Upside down reflection

I just flipped the original picture vertically.

Won’t take long…

…. before this Echeveria from Mexico will flower in South Africa.

Winter Green

Just a few shots along the provincial road nearby. The Western Cape is a Winter rainfall area with relatively dry Summers. The fresh green is what most people expect during Spring. Here you can experience that during Winter. And also the local wood logger is in the green.


This was a lucky moment at Pig’s Snout; a bright sky without sea mist that fades the colors. Pig’s Snout is a section of the Klein Rivier Mountains near Stanford, South Africa.

The Klein Rivier Delta and the Ocean

The ocean is behind the dunes in the background. 🙂


Beach Walkers

On the isthmus between lagoon and ocean. The hamlet in the background is Die Kelders and is 20 km away; the mountains in the background around 25 to 30 kilometers.

Early morning play