The Wall. No chicken tonight guys …

25 Years after the Berlin Wall came down a new wall is erected in the outskirts of our village. The municipality wanted to buy land from a chicken farmer for the extension of the ‘location’ (township) but the chicken farmer was not happy with that; afraid that more chickens would be stolen by poor hungry people. After 10 years of negotiation an agreement was signed. The land sold but a wall erected to keep unwanted intruders away from the farm.


Showing off the ‘prom-dress’ her granny made

Later today the posting ‘A Play with Beth‘ a portrait of a remarkable young South African woman who just finished High School. As for this morning Beth shows off the new 3 piece ‘prom-dress’ her grandmother made for her. Each piece can be combined with different clothes. And that’s smart thinking for prom-dresses (very expensive to buy) are usually designed for once off use.. Of some of these pictures reworked versions are  shown in the posting later today.