Another Landscape


To invert or not to invert….

I am in doubt. Seriously! The original imaginary (work title for the moment: ‘Water & Fire’ and ‘still Under Construction) is the picture below the inverted version. In Photoshop I ¬†clicked ¬†‘invert’ and maybe such a co-incidental ‘error’ is needed to look in a different way . From an esthetic point of view I prefer …

Need a hand?

Out of South Africa 5: Tempelhof

Last year we went on a 4-week journey to Europe and Canada. It was for the first time since more than 11 years that we had a holiday ‘out of (South) Africa. We mainly visited family and friends but in between we took time to travel around a bit. With my Sony Cybershot 7.2 I …

Pumping water

These wheels once brought fortune

Le paysage de notre village

(Landscape of our village)

Le petit Oiseau

(The little Bird)

Street Photography 10: The Border

Living at the edge of the village has its advantages. Our street borders a stream (“Vlei” in Afrikaans) with an abundance of winged wildlife. Every morning I let the dog out and we are greeted by ducks, seagulls (the ocean is only a few kilometers in bird flight) and other birds I don’t know the …