Today it’s Duck again…

Modern ‘slavery’

They call it a ‘slave wall’ but I do not know the exact meaning. Is it a wall build by slaves or a wall to keep the slaves in? Or both? A winery nearby, situated on an estate with the remains of century (centuries?) old buildings decided to do something about the entrance. Plenty of …

Sundowner of the day

It’s Autumn here in the Southern Hemisphere but what a beautiful days finishing off with amazing sunsets; a different one every day…. This evening with a sea mist flowing into the lagoon nearby the village … Always a feast; this time with a glass of good local wine along the roadside…  

Hey Babe. Let’s enjoy another wonderful sunrise!

After the mist….

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Misty Morning

It was quite some while ago but this morning the village was covered in mist. Photo’s shot at about 6:45 AM with people on their way to work and school.


Just next to our gate is a white flowering hibiscus. Virtually the whole day in the shade. We lighted it a bit with a solar powered (blueish) LED-light last night. And this is the effect:


Imagine a desolated house, half demolished, somewhere in nowhere in the ‘veld’ in South Africa. And inside this:

Kids on the run