Sunset at Stanford Valley

The pot with gold was tempting…

Between 6:30 and 6:40 this evening (South African time) we experienced this magnificent sky and than it was over. No need for photoshopping. There was gold in the sky. Images as is:

Some views in our garden


A landscape in B&W. It’s one of the amazing views from within our village.


The Landscapers

Thousands of books, magazines and webpages are written about landscapers who create gardens, public green, and minor landscapes in the open. Minor these are; for one tend to forget that the major landscapers in this world are the farmers. Where ever you travel, just look around. The images below I took last Tuesday on the …

The Moon 2

Yesterday’s moon from a psychedelic point of view…

Night in the garden

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  by Herman van Bon Photography

Karuna revisited 4 and final part


What is really fascinating me at this stage (see also previous posting) are the ever changing colors that surround me. Most people don’t realize that during the day the colors change and even between days and times one can notice differences. The sky this morning at 7 had a different color than yesterday at the …