Here and there 2

How I made my ‘Meta Selfie’

Earth Wind & Fire

I’m always experimenting with new photo-processing techniques from Black & White reduction to in-drawings/paintings to the application of (own) textures and whatever. In our Private Gallery Napier I show visitors individual examples of each technique. In my imaginaries I combine the different techniques. The triptych ‘Earth Wind & Fire’ is a good example of it. Coming …


Wind playing no use for the broom sweeping the courtyard


Me and my Alter Ego (fun picture)

Talk of the town

Emulsion 2

“I am the Lorax, I speak for the trees, for the trees have no tongues.” –  Dr. Suess

Emulsion 1

HAIKU: Little more than pulsing emulsion the man fighting himself    

Earth, Wind and Fire

“Creativity…involves the power to originate, to break away from the existing ways of looking at things, to move freely in the realm of the imagination, to create and recreate worlds fully in one’s mind-while supervising all this with a critical inner eye.” — Oliver Sacks It’s very elemental.

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