‘He’s back’ but first the interview

From an interview with Jeré Möller of ‘Visit Overberg‘ Herman van Bon – An artist unleashed Sitting down to chat with fine art photographer Herman van Bon is a bit like jumping on a magic carpet. A few seconds in and you are time traveling to visit the ancestors. Minutes later you are standing with …

Unus Mundus

Somebody told me the other day that the average painter applies 6 to 7 layers before a painting is finished. I just applied the 75th layer to ‘Unus Mundus’ (One World) and still it’s far from ready. Layers, in my case, are photographs, drawings, textures, digital in-paintings, etc. Guess I have another 30 to 40 …

Man of Wood

(fun picture of detail prie-dieu chair)

Out of this world

The Joker changed everything

Archetypal Universe

(Under Construction)


Arum Lily

(Composite/Mixed media)  

Stanley Kubrick

Veld Merino after a visit to the hair saloon

(composite portrait)