Surprise visit (4 pictures)

We had a surprise visit a few days ago. Tommy Ngwenya is a special personality. A few years ago he started a garden service in Stanford. Before our move to Napier we sold a surplus of plants under the condition that we supervised the landscaping of a few new gardens. That’s where Tommy came in. It was a pleasure to work with such a natural gifted gardener who kisses every plant ‘good luck’ when he plants them (even cacti) and performs a traditional rain dance (see picture) when the plants are in. He was even on national TV with it (second picture. And his son (now an apprentice) planted the first tree (a Chorizia Specioza or Kapok Tree; see third picture) on our premises in Napier. At the time he worked with two staff; a year later this number has grown to nine. The fourth picture was shot at Haes Farm just outside Stanford.