The youngsters are hungry 6 (foraging)

Not in Photoshop

It’s always good to try and work with other software with their own specific advantages above the big brother… This picture: Sony A77 with Sigma 70-300mm on 120mm. 1/320 sec, F4, ISO 400 Processed in DxO Optics Pro 10, DxO Viewpoint 2 and choice for ‘Vintage’ in DxO Filmpack 4    

The youngsters are hungry 5

(almost ready for first flight lesson)


No (compulsory) flash; just reflection streetlight and no tripod.

Adenium flower

The youngsters are hungry 4

The main picture is an experiment: ISO 100, F4, 1/80 sec and compulsory flash.

Hoya flower with morning dew

The youngsters are hungry 3

And now we wait for the flight lessons …


“Where the Whale stirs its tail there is some turbulence” – Herman van Bon

Still feeding


(Early morning in shade with opposing sun)