Photo-Graphic of a pelargonium

Variations on a butterfly behind glass

First the original (macro); followed by some photo-graphics

Photo-Graphic variations of a Cape Wagtail (4 pictures)

In the meantime on the farm (nr. 168a): Silage (4 pictures)


Pole sitting

Spring in South Africa 2: ….. and again …

… but now on the TV-aerial of the neighbour 😉

Catch of the day

(Shot with old Sony Cybershot)

Bee in action (photo-graphic)

Sunrise (photo-graphic)

Spanish Beauty 5 (3 pictures)

I recently had a photoshoot with a Spanish model with many faces. A few of the ‘off-shoots’ challenged me to work on her using graphics, layers, textures, etc. If you scroll back to part 3 you can see here in sequence where it can all end. While I was busy I had my mind set …