Light conduct

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There are spot lights and spot on lights. It all has to do with ‘streamlining’ light. Libar in The Netherlands always has been (since the eighties) on the forefront in the development of transparent conductors and later in the design and engineering of upmarket high quality light elements. Not easy to acquire them for these …

Balls on a rope

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Before a long, long weekend….

….. the usual update of our garden in Full Color and BLack & White:

Living like …..

The Dutch have the expression “Living like a God in France”. Well…. this Dutchman lives like a God in Stanford, South Africa.


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Telecommunication with the ancestors

Spirituality of native (tribal) people around the globe, from Australia to Australia, has a significant element of ancestry in it. Native people of South Africa are balancing on the edge of traditional values and the ‘comfort’ of modern times.  Hence this imaginary of a Xhosa woman calling the spirits of her ancestors for guidance.

Imaginary: Going Down Under or not; a helping hand

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Toes from a different perspective

Recently I submitted some pictures of toes I shot during a stroll along Grotto Beach in Hermanus, South Africa. Today I did some simple photoshopping resulting in these  imaginaries. All have a hint of surrealism.

The Cloud Walker

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There is this guy who floats in the air and likes to show his ability in the blog Walkair. I follow his gliding adventures. Actually quite funny and fairly original. Virtually every day he discovers a different angle and the pictures tell a story or, better even, let you imagine your own story. Anyway; I …


When we moved to Stanford one-and-a-half year ago we were lucky to buy a house that did not need any refurbishing but the garden did. In front there was an awful hedge that had to be removed. That took about a week. We replanted the strip with mainly water wise plants (succulents and drought resistent …