The 20 seconds change in the sky

Sometimes one has to make a picture in a split second. I’m a bit slow this Monday morning so I took photographs with an interval of 20 seconds. Just from the verandah enjoying the daily light show.

Madagascar Palm

There are different species of the Madagascar Palm. The most common is the Pachypodium lamerei but the one in our garden is less common Pachypodium Geaya (hope I spelled it correct). It can become about 8 meters high and it’s trunk grows into a prickly bottleshape.

Let’s begin the week with a flower

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Misty Mountains

One of the privileges of living in this wonderful countryside of Stanford, South Africa is the daily visual surprises. We can sit on our verandah and watch the world go by. Our house is at the edge of the village and elevated above the rest of the small community. Wednesday morning at around 6 I …

Sunset just now


Just want to share my joy of the evening:

Going bananas

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Picturing a banana or picturing a woman eating a banana can be very tricky. Some people do seemingly like to think that it always has a sexual meaning. When I pictured a 13 year old model from our village some time ago I asked her if she wanted something to eat; fruit for example. All …

A new flower is born

This Imaginary flower is composed out of different elements from different flowers from around the globe. The background ‘landscape’ consists of enlarged soil particles on a layer of solarized water. In diverse sizes etc. for sale via ImageKind.    

The lagoon, the dunes and the ocean

I see

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The New South Africa

Together Rits and I represent the New South Africa. Not all rainbow colors yet but that will come in due time….