Rare books

“Variety is life; uniformity is death” – Pyotr Kropotkin As a collector of rare books one must have a lucky day every now and then. Recently I stumbled in a Bric-à-brac shop in Hermanus (not the famous ‘first edition bookshop’ that also has some charming junk and kitsch figurines between the books) on a collection …

Vintage Cameras

Saw this camera collection in Hot Chilli Peppers, a vintage shop in Hermanus, South Africa.

There is always red in the photograph

Behind the open door

Prickly monochrome

Winter in the kitchen

Morning coffee on the verandah …

… and see how privileged we are  

Day fresh

I’m privileged to live in a fertile region in South Africa. The restaurants all serve locally grown veggies and fruits; day fresh.

Birds on a stick

Blue eyes

Wonder from who he’s got them…