The Hitchhiker

He who waits for a taxi in rural South Africa can wait a long, long time Composite image of a hitchhiker across the street. Added are two sculptures of local artist Uhlrich Riek (right) and the ‘astronaut’ in the rocket is recycle artist Jan Vingerhoets. The rocket I assembled of different parts of scrap metal which Herman pictured in and around his workshop.Limited edition run of …


‘Longtail’ in flight and portraiture (5 pictures)

Birds in our garden (4 pictures)

Collector’s item

Caterpillar (3 pictures)

Post Harvest (2 pictures)

Bruno (2 pictures)

Peter Pan was here. Captain Hook too

Recently the local Dramatic Society performed the play Peter Pan and although ‘local’ it was of professional quality. A few shots on stage, back stage and in front of the stage. The first 11 (‘framed’) pictures are processed.

Love my coffee breaks in the courtyard 2

The butterfly (2 pictures)