Gargoyle and church

Many known European churches have gargoyles. In South Africa I still have to discover a church with gargoyles.

“Legend has it that a dragon-like creature named La Gargouille terrorized the people of Rouen, France. In the seventh century A.D., a local cleric named Romanus used Christian symbolism to neutralize La Gargouille’s threat to the townspeople—it’s said that Romanus destroyed the beast with the sign of the cross. Many early Christians were led to their religion by the fear of the gargoyle, a symbol of Satan. The Christian church became a protective haven for the mostly illiterate people.

Romanus knew the legends that the townspeople of Rouen did not know. The oldest gargoyles have been found in present-day Egypt from the Fifth Dynasty, c. 2400 B.C. The functional and practical waterspout has also been found in ancient Greece and ancient Rome. Gargoyles in the shape of dragons are found in China’s Forbidden City and imperial tombs from the Ming Dynasty”. – Source: “Gargoyle” entry by Lisa A. Reilly, The Dictionary of Art, Vol 12, Jane Turner, ed., Grove, 1996, pp. 149-150

‘Speedy Gonzales’

There is this guy in our village …. I won’t tell his name but let’s say he is ‘Speedy Gonzales’. It he talks his head keeps on moving. Photographically I measured a ‘speed’ of 5 to 10 kmh in a series of photographs I took of him. Here is one (shutter speed 1/8 second):

And this is how close I came ….

… with a 100 mm lens.

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Close up of a larger striped swallow in our courtyard at Studio98 in Napier, South Africa.

Less than a meter distance. Patience has its reward.

Getting closer and closer

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In the beginning they we shy and flew away when we came within a distance of 5 meter. Now I can shoot close-ups the larger striped swallows in our courtyard.

Some Street Photography from the verandah — Studio 98

Shot the past year during early morning coffee on our verandah.

Some Street Photography from the verandah — Studio 98