High resolutions files for use by artists, publications and commercial use.

This is the website via which I sell High Resolutions files for self printing and for more commercial use such as magazines and the corporate world. Most of my customers are artists (the lowest rate) which use my work for their paintings and so on.

Except from the photo’s of this site customers can also order (with specifications of date/time published) photographs that are published on social media such as this site, Instagram (@hermanvanbon) and facebook plus facebook photography page.

The website is divided in several subject related pages such as landscapes, birds, animals and black & white. Ordering via the ‘about’ page or directly to greenc2 -at- me.com with full contact details.

Here a few examples: (click on each picture to see it in full)


I love hibiscus. There are about 13000 different varieties of this shrub/tree in the world. In our garden we have 10 different ones. Only a few years old and grown from cuttings. The hibiscusses in front of our house will be shaped into umbrella like trees. Yesterday I took the opportunity to picture flowers of four during the rain.