‘Taking’ or ‘making’ a photo

Huxley’s Door

The Art of Perception through Imagination:


Domestic and not so domestic

Where we live

A brief impression:

Huxley’s Door


Some shots (NOT the final ones) I took during a model shoot recently. Model: Abigail Camille. Clothing and accessories: Vanilla Boutique (Bredasdorp) and with special thanks to Jeremy October of Overberg Shoe Repair and Locksmith (‘no safe is safe for Jeremy’).

The Hitchhiker

He who waits for a taxi in rural South Africa can wait a long, long time Composite image of a hitchhiker across the street. Added are two sculptures of local artist Uhlrich Riek (right) and the ‘astronaut’ in the rocket is recycle artist Jan Vingerhoets. The rocket I assembled of different parts of scrap metal which Herman pictured in and around his workshop.Limited edition run of …


‘Longtail’ in flight and portraiture (5 pictures)

Birds in our garden (4 pictures)