Sun’s up (3 pictures)

Everything about bullying in 7 pictures

My village from a distance

If you know in which house we live you can point it out. Shot from a distance of 15 km.

Blue Crane composites

A client wants a large (1800 x 1200mm) canvas print of blue cranes against a background of flowering canola fields. The choice is his. These are the rough composites he can choose from.  Once the decision is made I can refine (detailing, de-noising, etc.) the chosen image. Which one would you choose?

King of the Jungle (several images)

The average wildlife photographer is always under guidance of a game ranger. I don’t like that. Sometimes one has to take a calculated risk. So I went to observe a lion somewhere in South Africa. It’s rare that I publish fully processed photos on the internet. This is one of my exceptions: My all time …

The Power of The Hour (6 pictures)

My favourite bird … (2 pictures)

… is the sacred ibis.

Mother and daughter

Portrait shoot:

Model shoot

Originals are shot for a brochure and magazine. I selected a few and did my own interpretation (including a composite).

Nightlife (6 pictures)

All pictures shot freehand. ISO 1600, F ranging between 8 and 16; S 1/8 to 1/30. Canon EOS 7D MarkII with Canon 100-400mm IS USM zoom. Pictured are an owl, porcupine, nightjar, and 3 different steenbokkies (antelope specie).