In the meantime on the farm (nr. 168a): Silage (4 pictures)


Carts (3 pictures)

Spanish Beauty 5 (3 pictures)

I recently had a photoshoot with a Spanish model with many faces. A few of the ‘off-shoots’ challenged me to work on her using graphics, layers, textures, etc. If you scroll back to part 3 you can see here in sequence where it can all end. While I was busy I had my mind set …

Spring in South Africa (2 pictures)

Wings in action (4 pictures)

Bird portraiture

During a coffee break in our courtyard. In the last picture the bird is hatching in the Grenadilla.

Fun picture: ‘Size is relative’

The ‘Metaphoorto’

From yesterday to 10 October: I call it a ‘metaphoorto’  It was first exhibited during the UNESCO exhibition ‘The Invisible-Visible’ in Oslo (Norway) last year together with two other pictures of me. Selected by curator Georgeta Negrini (former photography curator of Prado in Madrid) amongst work of 128 other photographers around the globe. Since Oslo …

On tour

‘African Feet’ (‘metapho(or)to’) from 9 August to 10 October at exhibition ‘Contemporary Art Africa’ in Ilienworth (Cuxhaven) Germany. Pictured by Herman van Bon and first exhibited during UNESCO-exhibition ‘The Unvisible – Visible’ in Oslo in 2017. Since then travelling the world. At the exhibition prints on paper (120x80cm) available for EURO 300.00 each.

Sun’s up (3 pictures)