Story in a picture

Imaging a story yourself

Detail of HoYa flower after the rain (2 pictures)

Rain in Caledon (2 pictures)

Catch of the day (2 pictures)

Meet Whoopy …

… my new assistant 😉


A profile picture

B&W flower (macro)

2 pictures

Post Rain

After the rain I made some photo’s in our garden with my new Canon 100mm macro

African Feet

This picture (exhibited at the UNESCO  exhibition ‘The invisible visible’ in Oslo, Norway sometime ago) say a lot about Africa. For me it’s a meaningful picture. And it was shot by co-incidence. What happened? I did a model shoot. In between the model polished her nails (and spoiled a bit – enlarge the picture). After …

The Gardener

Who is cheeky: the gardener of the photographer?