Thank you!!!

In the past few years I’ve worked with many known and lesser known photo models. Some have quite an attitude and others are more modest but then; aren’t we all different?

Some of them I could persuade for an additional short session with jewellery of my wife Yvonne (Instagram: @yvonnedewitjewelry).

Out of gratitude to my wife and those models (from Kenya, Malawi, Europe and South Africa) here a series in black and white.

Photo Model of the day

Being above, let’s say 60 years, does not mean that you are not suitable for photo modelling. Here is Heidi; an elderly woman in her retirement years and she is great.

All Black & White in fairly high contrast. Love B&W!!!

‘Speedy Gonzales’

There is this guy in our village …. I won’t tell his name but let’s say he is ‘Speedy Gonzales’. It he talks his head keeps on moving. Photographically I measured a ‘speed’ of 5 to 10 kmh in a series of photographs I took of him. Here is one (shutter speed 1/8 second):