At the Tulbagh Arts Festival

Nice announcement with my ‘African Feet’ in a national lifestyle magazine.

The Gate House

Season the the loose promises

This month there are the elections in South Africa.

The House with the Red Roof


First concept I made (on Dutch account) for posters of a MTB-rental business (MTB = Mountain Bike).

Soul Food

One of the posters I made for Hemingway’s in Hermanus, South Africa; a bookshop with a rare collection of books and decorated with bric-and-brac.

Grape Harvest

With the grape harvest in South Africa about to begin I thought it was a good idea to ‘dive’ into my archive and re-process some harvest pictures of last year. Photo shooting at Springfontein Winery in Stanford, South Africa. Original RAW-images reprocessed with Topaz (Photoshop plug-in) in ‘opalotype’


Nothing is as difficult as selecting pictures for your own portfolio. This morning I tried and it resulted in a temporary portfolio. I’m far from satisfied hence the addition ‘temporary‘; it will change from time to time anyway. But it is a start. In the cause of (beginning) 2014, with newly downloaded Photoshop plug-ins, the …

A Fairy Tale

Once upon a time but not so long ago and somewhere in nowhere nearby I was walking in an ancient forest. Watched by numerous eyes, glittering in the moon quarter, I struck upon an owl high up in an elm asking me if I believe in faeries. I said “Why do you ask”? “Seeing is …

Eyes are watching

Anyone any idea how many eyes (some a bit hidden) are watching you while watching this imaginary?