Masked Weaver (Ploceus velatus)

Brown-Hooded Kingfisher

The Street Sweeper

‘Steamy Kevin’

Kevin Doveton from Napier in the Western Cape, South Africa (also known as ‘Steamy Kevin’) is, worldwide, one of the foremost engineers and builders of working miniature steam engines with customers around the globe. At the moment he is engaged in the development of two new models. The one on the left is designated as …

In the meantime on the farm 905

In the meantime on the farm 905

Twilight turbulence (2 pictures)

For the real wine connaisseur

The cellar only produces 8000 bottles per year. This is 2000 bottles of each wine. Virtually all end up in the private cellars of wine collectors around the globe. Grapes are grown organically and no additives are used during fermentation and further processing. Bottled and labeled by hand.

Catching Light in Darkness 16

Catching Light in Darkness 15

Catching Light in Darkness 14