Call of nature

Looking back

Photography competition

I’m not much in favor of all kinds of photography competitions for which you have to pay an entrance fee to participate. But now I made an exception. Although there is a jury that makes the final decision people can also vote for me online. The more votes the bigger the chance to win the …

Almost a museum piece

Free Rangers

At the Good Luck Farm just outside our village one can imagine true free range livestock; from chickens and ducks to guinea-pigs. The ‘farm products’ end up on your plate in a local restaurant but than we know it’s good!

Beach Walkers

On the isthmus between lagoon and ocean. The hamlet in the background is Die Kelders and is 20 km away; the mountains in the background around 25 to 30 kilometers.

Fossilized Nguni

Somewhere in one of the ‘back streets, of Napier, Western Cape, South Africa.

We’ll be back ….

… soon!

Rocket Science in South Africa

Church tower in Napier, Overgerg, Western Cape, South Africa. More about the South African Dutch Reformed Rocket Science read this interesting article (opens in new window).

Clouds of Franschhoek

Every region in South Africa has more or less its own clouds. That has probably much to do with the different landscapes and climates. Here two of the typical clouds you’ll see more often in Franschhoek than in Cape Town or other places in the Western Cape.