That’s real beer ….

… brewed “Method Classique” and served by people who really know to tell beer-(hi-)stories for hours with a never fading enthusiasm. The brewery is ‘Honingklip’ somewhere hidden in the country-side near Kleinmond in the Western Cape, South Africa. A must for every true beer lover travelling to South Africa. And the food, prepared and created in …

Overcast pictures of ….

Elim, Western Cape, South Africa. (shot on 2 different days)

Die Kelders ..

.. is a suburb of Gansbaai and known for its caves which are only accessible with low tide.

Sunrise and Ground Frost this Morning

Prohibited in Cape Town …

… but in Hermanus not only tourists but especially local people of all walks of life make use of it!

Salisbury Cathedral 1998

(reworked negative film) This is, personal opinion, one of the most beautiful cathedrals in Europe. And believe me; I’ve seen quite a few of those ancient buildings. It’s a pity I did not make interior pictures at the time. Salisbury is one of my favourite towns in the UK. I’ve been numerous times in Salisbury. …

Old Sarum

Near Salisbury UK; in fact it are the remains or the original town. Photo shot on negative film in 1998 and now digitally reworked.

Stonehenge 1998

(Reworked negative film)


It’s green; the houses are white (by tradition) and this village is hidden somewhere in the South of Holland. The name of the village? Thorn Pictures made in 1993 (reworked negative film).  

La Hacienda Grande ….

… in the town of Bernalillo between Alburquerque and Santa Fe in New Mexico, USA. Shot in 1996 (reworked this from negative film). 18 Years after it has changed of management but I can assure you that it was the best accommodation I ever stayed in during all my travels in the USA in the …