Detail of Overberg Landscape

(Golden Hour) A conventional photograph is a two-dimensional image of a three-dimensional reality. In my (landscape) photography I always try to add my own ‘third dimension’. The average person still looks at it as a two-dimensional image but every now and then there is somebody who looks beyond it. Last week a woman from my …

Good Morning 2

Good Morning

The ‘Grand Rapids’ of Napier

Shot from the ‘bridge’ (Small is beautiful)

‘Schietpad’ (‘Shooting Path’) last week

A dot in the universe

Misty sunset landmark

One day between Napier and Bredasdorp in South Africa.  More about me? Click this link (opens in new window)  

Shot from the foothill of Sophies Mountain

Overberg Landscape in the mist.

Last weekend …. (many pictures)

… was the weekend I pictured an MTB-race, a half marathon and a Trial Run over two days. Hard work and a lot of fun to do. Here some photo’s of the 223 I finalized. ‘Old School’ photography is going on the road with a film of 12 and if less of 10 out of …

Herman in Hermanus 2 (some street photography with snap-shooter))