For people traveling in South Africa

A great stop over between Cape Town and Cape Agulhas. Within 100 meters also a chess board maker, a toy museum, a candle factory and an artist who creates working miniature steam engines. Walk a 100 meters extra and, for foodies, there are Pascals and Napier Farm Stall. And, if available, we can introduce you …

‘Once upon a time in Cape Town’

From the archives. Once off print (120×80 cm) sold to a collector from Germany.

Driving Lesson

An excellent example

Many tortoises are squashed by passing vehicles but not this one. The young girl in the picture was not afraid to carry one from the road into the bushes last Sunday afternoon. So please drive rural pace in the country side and be nice to our slow moving wild life.

Frikkie’s Golden Hour

(Frikkie Marais is the vicar/referent of the Dutch Reformed Church in our village)

Portrait of an emu (3 pictures)

Sunset at ‘Tuinplaas’

Tuinplaas (garden place) is a lifestyle farm 10 kilometer Southwest of Napier, South Africa.

Panorama Sunset Van der Byl Mountain

See yesterday’s picture (scroll back to second post below) In the meantime I figured out via Facebook that not many villagers know about the name.  

Sunset Van der Byl Mountain

.What’s in a name …

Golden Hour ‘Bokkie”