The end of the last journey (2 pictures)

Sunrise in Barrydale

Landscape shot at hot water springs near Barrydale in the Overberg

It’s green

Le Neuf Papesch; pour ‘Le vrai Connaisseur’

  This is one of those extreme rare occasions I write about wine. I learned to appreciate a good wine many, many years ago in some of the most renown French wine producing regions and then I’m not talking about the known French ‘Chateaux’ but about those small wine farms that mail order their wines …

It’s blue in Struisbaai

Fishing boats in the harbour of Struisbaai, Western Cape, South Africa.

South Africa’s best known light house

Sunrise (2 pictures)

In Agulhas National Park (East viewing and West viewing)

The Difference

Yes there is a difference between stones from the Atlantic- and those from the Indian Ocean. Really; shot this picture at the Southernmost tip of the African Continent.

Gymnogene Sunset

Monday Morning Walk